Everyone in the National Coastwatch is a volunteer. At Shoreham, we have just under 70 volunteer watchkeepers. Our watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, regularly scanning sea and monitoring radio channels. When people get into trouble, we are there to alert HM Coastguard and direct the appropriate rescue services to the casualty.

There is no substitute for a pair of eyes. The use of technology helps to play its part, but it cannot spot a sinking boat, an upturned kayak, or children on an inflateable being blown out to sea. All real life examples our watchkeepers have dealt with.

Our volunteers come from a range of different backgrounds and are of all ages. Marine experience is not a requirement as full training is given and then supplemented with regular training refreshers.

If you have spare a few hours a week, and think you might enjoy it – please get in touch with the station manager as per the details below, give us a call, or pop in and see us.

We hope to see you soon!

Colin Clay

[email protected]