NCI Shoreham is situated in a building originally built during WW2. The building hosted a coastal artillery searclight (CASL) to support the six-inch guns that were mounted on Shoreham Fort.

The searchlight was the second of a pair, with the other one located on the western side of Shoreham Fort.

During the construction of the new breakwaters to Shoreham Harbour in the 1950s, the building was made use of to host the fuse box for the new lights on the west side of the harbour.

The building then briefly appeared in a 1950s film called ‘Battle of the V1’. Further infomration on the history of the building can be found on Shoreham Fort’s website 

In 2007, the NCI was exploring options to open a station at Shoreham. The derlict building was identified and with great assistance from Shoreahm Port Authority, works began to convert it into a lookout station.

A committee of Shoreham volunteers was formed in January 2008, and whilst works to the building were occuring, watches occured out of the back of a 4×4 next to Carats Café, Southwick.

By 3rd June 2008, the new station was ready and the first watch occured. Watches intially took place every Saturday and Sunday from 0900 to 1700.

Since then, the station has developed considerably with the introduction of a land phone line, radar, weather station and CCTV. Volunteer numbers have grown to about 70, with watches taking place every day.