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Jean Lawman is an author and naturalist, who has published papers and worked on natural history projects for academic and conservation bodies. She is an acknowledged expert on the natural history and wildlife of West Cornwall (particularly the area surrounding Lands End) and, given the profusion of wildlife in the vicinity of the watch, Gwennap Head NCI counts itself fortunate to have her as it’s wildlife officer.

Her monthly reports are of great interest (and educational value) to watchkeepers and she has graciously allowed us to publish an archive of them, here, for all to read.

All Wildlife Reports are Copyright Jean Lawman, 2020

Jan '20: Furtive Foxes and Creeping Whales!

Dec '19: Foxed by Mr.Fox!

Nov '19: Visit From A Celebrity!

Sep '19: An Energetic Tuna!

Aug '19: A Relentless Falcon

Jul '19:  Spectacular Dive Bombing!

Jun '19: A Good Thrashing!

May '19: Huddled Rabbits & Attractive Pigs!

Apr'19: Speedy Swallows

Mar '19: Acrobatic Dolphins

Feb '19: Tantalising Albatross

Jan '19: Charismatic Fish on Summer Hols!

Dec '18: A Confused Rook

Nov '18: A Rare Bit of Warbling!

Oct '18: A Siberian Miracle!

Sep '18: A Stormy Day At The Runnelstone

Special Report: Autumn '18 Chough Update

Aug '18: It's All Getting a Bit Biblical - A Rain of ......

Jul  '18: Sunfish-y Discussions

Jun '18: Raft, Ahoy!

May '18: Confused Whales!

Apr '18: Chough Changing Conundrum!

Mar '18: Scurvy Returns!

Jan/Feb '18: You say Scoter, I say Scooter!

Dec '17: Wishing on a Whale

Nov '17: A Provocative Raven!

Sep '17: Admiral(s) On Deck!

Aug '17: Time-a For A Tun-a!

Jul '17: There's Sooty...Where's Sweep?

May/Jun '17:  Go Fly a Kite!

Apr '17: Minke see, Minke do....Possibly!

Mar '17: Monarch of the...Cliffs?

Feb '17: Confused Divers

Jan '17: We're all Chough-ed

Dec '16: Diverse divers!

Nov '16: Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Run Run.....Oops - too late!

Oct  ’16: There’s Cetaceans on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow…..well, seemingly everywhere, in fact

Sep ’16: When Two Choughs go to war (three, actually, but that’s not how the song goes!)

Aug ’16: This month, Birds and Butterflies are all around

Jul  ’16:  Sharks and Alien Invaders!

Jun ’16:  Is it a bird, it a plane…..no, it’s the Dalmation Pelican, again…and, also, a racing pigeon!

May '16: The most exciting and extraordinary wildlife event....

Mar '16:  Shiver me timbers, thar she blows, Jim lad!

Feb '16:  Deer me!

Jan '16:  Rudolph and chums taking a break after their Christmas exertions?



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