Social Media and Donations

Our Lookouts at Hive Beach and Charmouth and very much part of the Lyme Bay community. If you wish to follow us on social media, we have both our own Facebook page and a Twitter link where regular updates are given on local conditions.


As a completely volunteer service, we are reliant on donations to fund our operations. For those looking to donate there are several routes available.

We gratefully accept donations at the Lookouts.

Enquiries about making legacies and bequests should be addressed to the Station Treasurer.

Enquiries about holding fundraising events on our behalf should be addressed to the Station Manager.

For individuals who wish to give (painlessly!) as they shop and so support our regular operations, we have an EasyGiving account but we have an urgent appeal:

Appeal from the Watchkeepers of NCI Lyme Bay

Our original look-out was destroyed during the violent storms of February 2014. We were quickly back in action, operating from what was effectively a more substantial garden shed. We operate in a very exposed location to the extent that the prevailing south-westerly wind, straight off the Atlantic, necessitates the building being strapped down. Our location requires a programme of continual maintenance.

At Lyme Bay we normally operate two-person watches whilst also trying to accommodate the needs of trainee watchkeepers undergoing on-the-job training in cramped conditions.

We have drawn up plans to make the current look-out more robust and provide more working space to give us an efficient and ergonomic working environment. These improvements will cost us an estimated £6,000.

We urge everyone who values the activities of our Watchkeepers to contribute. GiftAid, available to UK taxpayers, will increase the effectiveness of your donation.

In the twelve years of its operation, NCI Lyme Bay has been involved in many incidents that have involved HM Coastguard, the RNLI or other elements of the Search and Rescue services. Additionally, we provide local information to members of the public regarding tide times, footpaths etc., and the nature of potential hazards along the dangerous Jurassic coastline.

Please help us to raise £6,000 so that we may continue to provide this valuable service.