Lepe FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Questions to the Watchkeepers when on Beach Patrol from NCI Stone Point in Lepe Country Park

(1) First Aid

When staffed (most weekends during Summer) Solent Rescue, located close to NCI Stone Point, operate a First Aid Post with qualified First Aiders. Otherwise go to Reception in the Lookout Cafe. There is a Defribrilator mounted on the Toilet Block in the lower car park. The NCI Station has a First Aid Box but does not offer First Aid treatment.

(2) Are Dogs Allowed? 

The Country Park is dog friendly including the Lookout Restaurant – provided the dog is clean and dry and on a lead please! Doggy Poo Bags and Tennis Balls are sold at the Reception desk in the Lookout. However, please note that dogs are not allowed in the shaded areas shown on the map.

(3) Where are Dog Bins located?

The location of Dog Bins are marked on the map. There is one about 25m to the west of the NCI station and one at the beach car park level east of the station. There are also two Dog Bins in the meadows area on the way to the D-Day remains.

(4) Are there any litter bins?

Providing litter bins in the park has proved an impossible task. Therefore, visitors are asked to take their litter away with them. There is a bin at the ice cream counter at the Lookout Cafe for the wrappers, cans, and other items purchased there.

(5) Are Barbeques allowed?

No, because of the safety risk. There are two permanent barbeque stations which can be booked through the Park Reception.

(6) Can I pay for parking using cash?

The payment machines in the upper car park, and the one on the Toilet block, only take cards. The two machines at the bottom of the sloping path down from the upper to lower car park take cash and notes as well as cards.

(7) Where is/how far is the Isle of Wight?

The Isle of Wight is the land which you can see across the water, directly opposite Lepe Country Park. It is around 1.5 to 2 nautical miles (2.8 to 3.7km ) distant.

(8) How clean is the water for Bathing

The sea water off Lepe Beach is tested by the Environment Agency, it has been consistently rated as “excellent” (see the “Bathing Water Profile for Lepe” web page)

(9) How strong are the currents off Lepe Beach?

Depending on the state of the tide the currents can be very strong. Particularly at Lepe Spit and Stansore Point the currents can be too strong to swim against – even for an Olympic swimmer. Please look at our page  “Currents off Lepe Country Park“.

(10) Can you walk to the Isle of Wight?

No. Lepe Spit does extend some of the way out, but beyond that the Solent waters are much too deep – 20m (66ft) or more even at low tide!

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