About NCI Froward Point

Extensive information is available on our dedicated website – see Home page
The site has several sections including the following – with links to take you directly there.

About usYou can scroll through the 180 degree panorama of the view out to sea from the watchstation – with features identified together with their bearings.
Team historyWhat it took to get the watchstation up and going from scratch.
Site historyThe history of the site: the WW2 Brownstone Battery and Coleton Camp Radar Station
NewsNews items specific to NCI Froward Point.
Live weatherLive readings from the on-site weather station provide valuable information for anybody planning to go to sea in the area. A live webcam also gives a good indication of the cloud cover and visibility.
MembersWatch schedules and other news and information items for members only. A user name and password is needed to visit this section.