Solent Marinas and Harbours

Marina Facilities and Contact Numbers


photo of Hamble RiverKey: click on the Harbour Authority or Marina name to access their web site.

Call Marinas on VHF channel 80
VHF = VHF ch. 80; VHFnot24 = VHF ch. 80 (limited hours)
Fuel available:  Diesel = Diesel; Petrol = Petrol; Bottled Gas = Bottled Gas (usually from on site Chandlery);
Facilities: Electricity = Electric recharging points; Boat Hoist = boat hoist

N.B. while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, there is likely to be errors and omissions, please confirm with the Marina before visiting. Please inform us of any errors by email to Webmaster.

Port of Southampton:  Southampton VTS     VHF ch.12    Phone:023 8060 8208 (24hr)  
Hythe Marina Village    VHF DieselPetrol Bottled Gas Electricity Boat Hoist   Phone:023 8020 7073
Town Quay Marina   VHFBottled GasElectricity   Phone:023 8023 4397
Ocean Village Mar.     VHF Bottled Gas Electricity    Phone:023 8022 9385
American Wharf     Diesel  Boat Hoist    Phone:023 8063 1500
Ocean Quay Marina    Bottled Gas Electricity    Phone:023 8023 5099
Shamrock Quay (Itchen)    VHF Bottled Gas Electricity Boat Hoist    Phone:023 8022 9461
Kemps Quay (Itchen)    Boat Hoist   Phone:023 8063 2323
Saxon Wharf (Itchen)    VHFElectricityBoat Hoist   Phone:023 8033 9490

River Hamble: River Hamble Harbour Authority VHF ch. 68 (w:0830 - 1700 s:0630-2200) 
Phone: 014 8957 6387 (0830 - 1700 )    
Hamble Point MarVHFBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 8045 2464
Port Hamble MarVHF24DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityPhone:023 8045 2741
Swanwick MarVHFDieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:014 8988 4081
Deacons Marina Bottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 8040 2253
Mercury Yacht Hbr VHF24Bottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 8045 5994
Universal MarVHFnot24Bottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:014 8957 4272

Portsmouth Harbour:  QHM Portsmouth VHF ch.11 Phone:023 9272 3694 (24hr)
Port Solent (Premier Mar.) VHF24DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 9221 0765
Royal Clarence MarVHFDieselPetrolElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 9252 3523
Gosport (Premier MarinaVHF24DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityPhone:023 9252 4811
Haslar Marina VHFBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:023 9260 1201
Gunwharf Quays VHF24ElectricityPhone:023 9283 6732

Cowes and Medina: Cowes Harbour Commission VHF ch. 69 (not 24h) Phone:019 8329 3952 (office hours) (in emergency out of hours contact via HMCG)
Cowes Yacht Haven  VHFBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8329 9975
East Cowes Mar.  VHFDieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8329 3983
Island Harbour MarVHFnot24Bottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8353 9994
Shepards Wharf  VHFDieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8329 7821

Bembridge:  Harbour Office VHF ch.80 (w:100-1600; s:0800-1800) 
Phone: 019 8387 2828 (office hrs)
Bembridge Harbour VHFnot24DieselBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8387 2828

Yarmouth:  Harbour Commissioners VHF ch.68 (w:07-1900; s:0700-2200) 
Phone: 019 8376 0321
Yarmouth Harbour DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:019 8376 0321

Beaulieu River:  Harbour Office (& Beaulieu River Patrol) VHF ch.68 Phone:015 9061 6200 (w:0900-1700; s:0800-2100)
Bucklers Hard Yacht Harbour DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:015 9061 6200

Lymington Harbour:  Harbour Commissioners VHF ch.66 (office hrs) Phone: 015 9067 2017
Lymington Marina VHFDieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:015 9067 3312
Lymington Yacht Haven VHFDieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat Hoist
Phone:015 9067 7071
Lymington Harbour DieselPetrolBottled GasElectricityBoat HoistPhone:015 9067 2017 

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Currently almost 60 NCI stations are operational and manned by over 2600 volunteers keeping watch around the British Isles from Fleetwood in the North West, through Wales, to the South and East of England to Filey in North Yorkshire. 

NCI watchkeepers provide the eyes and ears along the coast, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. They are trained to deal with emergencies offering a variety of skills and experience, and full training by the NCI ensures that high standards are met.








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