NCI Needles reports sighting of Man Overboard

The incident occurred just after 10:30 handover from first watch during the ‘Round The Island Race’ (RTIR) in bad weather. Most boats had passed the Needles Rocks already, and watchkeepers on duty were familiarising themselves with the many visible vessels using their telescopes. It was noticed that one vessel was failing to make progress and with flapping sail. It was at this point that our watchkeepers spotted a Man overboard. This was reported to the Coastguard who responded that they would immediately task the in shore lifeboat (ILB) to attend. Lymington ILB was in vicinity having just stood down from the RTIR. The Man Overboard was observed to have a life jacket and was moving. A nearby vessel offered assistance by throwing a line. This was caught by the Man Overboard and they were gradually hauled in to safety. NCI informed the Coastguard that Man Overboard had been recovered safely but injuries were unknown. It was then reported that the casualty was well and did not need further assistance.

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