Concerns for Kite Surfer

A member of the public called NCI Torbay reporting concerns about a Kite Surfer. Our watchkeepers confirmed that they had already logged this incident, had called the Solent Coastguard and reported the last known position. They had observed that the Kite surfer was frequently falling off the board and it was not clear whether they would be able to return to shore. HMCG Solent asked NCI Torbay to maintain a watch and report any further concerns and update as required. Another member of the public also phoned NCI with concerns for the safety of the surfer. The watchkeepers on duty were in regular contact with the Coastguard keeping them informed of the situation as light levels began to drop. Such was their dedication that on going off duty, one of the watchkeepers drove to a nearby beach and made contact with the Kite surfer to ensure they had eventually landed safe and well on dry land.

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