About NCI Brancaster

Brancaster Beach, nestled along the picturesque North Norfolk coastline in England, offers visitors a serene escape characterized by its vast stretches of golden sand and stunning panoramic views of the North Sea.

Framed by rolling dunes and salt marshes, the beach provides an idyllic setting for leisurely walks, picnics, and family outings. Its unspoiled beauty and tranquil atmosphere attract nature enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and beachcombers alike. At the same time, its shallow waters make it an ideal spot for swimming and paddling, particularly for families with young children. Renowned for its clean, well-maintained shores and accessibility, Brancaster Beach is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, including windsurfers and kiteboarders.

Brancaster NCI comprises a team of dedicated volunteers who monitor the sea and shoreline, providing essential safety support for mariners and beachgoers. From our lookout station, which is by the sea wall in the grounds of the RWNGC our volunteers keep a vigilant watch over the beach and surrounding waters.

Our primary mission encompasses the detection and reporting of any potential maritime emergencies, including distress calls or vessels in trouble. On the beach, we watch out for vulnerable people and water sports enthusiasts; we can forewarn the Coastguard of actual or potential incidents at sea so that a lifeboat can be launched at the earliest opportunity.

NCI has been allocated a national licence by OFCOM for the use of VHF Channel 65. Brancaster NCI can respond to requests from passing, as well as local sailing craft and fishing vessels for radio checks on CH 65 as well as actual weather and sea state conditions.

Brancaster NCI opened on the 15th April 2022.

Why not join us as a volunteer?

Volunteering at NCI Brancaster offers a unique opportunity to serve the community while immersing oneself in the beauty and importance of coastal safety. From the watch station volunteers play a crucial role in monitoring the surrounding waters, providing vital assistance to maritime vessels, and ensuring the safety of beachgoers. Whether it’s assisting in radio communications, conducting visual surveillance, or participating in training exercises, volunteers at NCI Brancaster contribute directly to the protection and preservation of their coastal environment. 

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