7th April 2023 Here at the National Coastwatch Institution we’re ready for a Happy Easter and so are our wonderful volunteers, supporters, and the whole Search and rescue family. Are you?

If you’re at the coast this weekend, make yours a happy Easter too with these ‘Eggstra’ safety tips and be Coast Clever:

1. Check weather and tide times so you don’t get caught out

2. Stay well back from cliffs and cliff edges – they’re unstable after last month’s rain & can tumble without warning

3. Keep dogs on a lead

4. If you accidentally end up in the water, try and fight the instinct to panic and don’t try to swim against the tide. Shout for help and #FloatToLive

5. Take a fully charged mobile phone & call 999 for the Coastguard if you see anyone is in difficulties

We’ll be looking out for your safety over the Easter weekend (as we do every day).

Fancy helping us? Why not volunteer to join the NCI (see ourwebsite at nci.org.uk for more details – you might just help save a life

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