1st April 2023. The National Coastwatch Institution are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new programme.

 For the last year we have been working closely with the UK Wildlife Training Centre to overcome the logistics of safely working at height, especially in some of our remoter station locations. The programme has been extremely successful and now a full crew of specially trained squirrels is available to help at all NCI stations. Our nimble NCI squirrels have yet to be equipped with their official epaulettes but they are happy to work at height. Very soon you will spot them assisting our stations with simple but essential maintenance tasks. 

 The photo shows  squirrel team Leader Tufty, demonstrating his skill in attaching a cable tie to an aerial mast at NCI Newhaven where the Secret Squirrel training programme has been taking place. His  colleague Rufty is observing the procedure for training purposes .

 Stations wishing to deploy NCI Squirrel team  can book them locally through their NCI Sector Manager. No squirrels were harmed during the training process.

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