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Nells Point (Barry Island)


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Nells Point Coastwatch station was the first NCI Station established on the Welsh coast. It is built on the site of a derelict Coastguard

With funding from the National Assembly, the Vale of Glamorgan Council rebuilt the Station to a very high standard.

The official hand over and opening ceremony took place on the 16th of Febuary 2007,The first watch took place on Saturday 17th
February 2007.

NCI Nells Point is situated on Barry Island on the costal path between Whitmore Bay and Jacksons Bay.

The  station overlooks the busy Bristol Channel and from the watch tower we have views of the Somerset coast line from Weston Super Mare in the east, taking in the island of Flat Holme and Steep holme,To Forland point on the Devon coast in the west

All commercial traffic bound for Barry, Cardiff, Newport, and all ports in and around Bristol pass by Nells Point.  Pilots for commercial traffic using the Upper Bristol Channel are based at Barry harbour.


On October 4th at 15.39

Wachkeepers spotted a capsized Inflateable with 2 persons clinging to the side. 

Watchkeepers called Swansea Coastguard on 999,SCG put out a call for any vessels in the area, the only response was from a Pilot vessel in Barry Harbour.

The pilot vessel Bristol Interceptor headed out to the coordinates given by the NCI Watch Station, the Pilots could not spot the casualties initially , so Watchkepers took it on themselves

to use the radio to direct the pilot to the casualty as the situation was getting very serious.

The Bristol Interceptor rescued the casualties and with the inflatable in tow headed into Barry Harbour where they were transfered into a waiting ambulance.

 On completion of the incident SCG thanked the Watchkeepers for their reporting with the precise location of the casualties.

On Sunday 14th September at 17.07

Watchkeepers spotted a large log off Nells Point floating with the tide . Swanswea Coastguard were informed that there were 2 leisure craft that could be in danger from the floating object. One vessel recieved call from CG and took evasive action, the second vessel could not be contacted, but sailed away from area safely.

CG closed incident.

On Sunday 17th August at 19.18


Radio call fromSansea Coastguard "any vessels in the vicinity of Whitmore bay-persons in the water"Barry Lifeboat and CRT tasked.

 Wachkeepers advised SCG that there were 3 Kayakers off Nells Point heading towards whitmore bay, SCG asked us to try to contact them by any means inc channel 16,we tried loud hailer and waving to no avail.

 Advise SCG on channel  0 that Kayakers were now entering Whitmore bay.

 life boat and pilot vessel leave Barry harbour, second casualty reported in the water trying to rescue first person.

 Kayaker rescues first person,s econd person reaches shore.

 All rescue teams stood down, CRT reports that youngsters were from a local judo team practicing on the beach and went into the water to cool off


  On Monday 4th of August  at  10.45

Watchkeepers observed 2 paddle boarders who seemed to be struggling against the tide.

Swansea Coastguard were informed by telephone of 2Paddle Boarders off Nells Point making no headway against a flood tide and tiring

SCG contacted Whit more Bay Lifeguards and asked them to attend

Whitmore Bay Lifeguards inform Swansea that no assistance was required and escorted them into Whitmore Bay



On Friday 25th of July at 15.40


Watchkeeprers Noticed 4 youths going in the water for a swim on the causeway at Sully Island.

 Radio message heard all vessels, people in trouble off Sully Island.

 Watchkeepers  contacted SCG , to say we had eyes on casualties.  2 had come out of the water, 2 still swimming. 3rd one came out of water, then returned to assist 4th.

 Wind surfer from Sully Bay also radioed SCG saying 2 people in water, but repositioning to get better view. (Wind surfer advised coast guard that the causeway would be clear within 15 minutes. Nells Point corrected message saying tide was on the flood not the ebb).

 Penarth lifeboat launched coastguard on site,police on site, and ambulance.

 Incident handed over to Penarth lifeboat, as SCG had many other incidents to deal with.

 Helivac requested for 1 casualty.

 Life boat was asked to check the island for other casualties.  All clear.

 Stretcher requested at causeway

 Helivac stood down as casualty to be taken by ambulance.

 Casualties removed from bay, 2 police, 2 ambulance, 4 coastguard, 2 lifeboatmen

 Lifeboat asked to do one final check of island, then stood down

All units called to Whitmore Bay for other incidents.



On Friday 25th of July at 15.04

Whilst monitoring Sully Island Watchkeepers observed the

Causeway was covered,andnoticed 2 adults with 2 children attempted to wade across.

Contacted Swansea Coastgurd reported incident also informing them 2 people still on island, but could not be seen.

2 adults carried 2 children, water knee deep. 

Adults and children reached other side safely.  The other two people now started to cross, water now knee deep. 

One of the other adults waded out from the shore to assist.  All reached the shore safely.

Lifeboat was launched from Penarth and then stood down., as all casualties were out of the water.

Incident closed


On Sunday 13 th July at 1625


Swansea Coastguard rang to say that a member of the public had reported a brown sheen on the water in Barry Roads and it is approx 1 mile square.

 Watchkeepers did visual sweep and could see nothing but reflection of sandy coloured water and clouds

Watchkeepers rang SCG to say nothing to report other than reflection of clouds etc and closed the incident.


On Saturday 12th July at 19.47

Watchkeepers recieved a request from HMCG Swansea following report from member of public re kayakers possibly in difficulty near Sully Island. Reported that the kayakers had been under observation for some time. Having passed at 17.43 travelling eastward. At time of request the kayakers who had spent some time on Sully Island were observed  heading slowly westward. There were no apparent signs of distress. Observations were maintained until conclusion of watch

Kayakers paddling well at distance 1.75 miles Swansea Coastguard updated no further action required

Kayakers paddling west in front of NCI lookout were spoken to by watchkeepers and confirmed all was well.

On Sunday 6th of July at 0940

Watchkeepers Received a Phone call from Swansea coast Guard saying that a yacht in the area in front of Nells point was in difficulty with no sail.

After a visual sweep of the area Watchkeepers notified Swansea that no Vessel was observed to be in difficulty.

Following an additional visual sweep of the area including a visual inspection of Whitmore Bay, incident was closed with Swansea CG.

On Wednesday 2nd July at 1700

Watchkeepers Observed an elderly Lady wandering on rocks below station and seemed to be looking for way off, Tide was flooding and cutting off area.

They then Rang Swansea coast guard and informed them of their concerns, Coast guard stated they would inform local mobile unit.

 2 Members of local coast guard arrived at scene and went to help.

 Coast guard started assisting lady off rocks.

 Lady got to top of rocks and Members of the Coast Guard rescue team lifted her over  the fencing





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Visitors are normally most welcome at the lookout although, when an incident is ongoing, this may not always be convenient and the duty watchkeeper may ask visitors to call back later. We have an exhibition centre which is open to the public on weekends.
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51° 23.27' N
003° 15.93' W
OS Reference: 
ST 120 662
Station Post Code: 
CF62 5DG
Station Elevation: 
59' (18 m)
Operational Capability
This station has Declared Facility Status
This station reports to MRCC Swansea
Current and forecast weather and sea conditions are available by telephone during watch hours
Station Telephone: 
01446 420746
Visual Watch: 
Radar Watch: 
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Radio: Listening watch on channels: 
Radio: Channel 00: 
Listening watch and ready to transmit as authorised by Coastguard
Visual Horizon: 
9 Nautical Miles
Radar Horizon: 
9 Nautical Miles
Station Address
Primary Contact: 
Terry Ewington
Station Manager
Primary Contact Telephone: 
02920 592621
NCI Lookout
Nell's Point
Barry Island
Vale of Glamorgan
CF62 5DG



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